interview 8 Espacio Abierto, Quinta de los Molinos In this video-essay we want to hear the voices of the boys and girls themselves; to ask them about their experiences and expectations. With this purpose we visited Espacio Abierto in the park of the Quinta de los Molinos. Inaugurated in 2018, Espacio Abierto is a municipal cultural […]

interview 7 Iván de Vargas Public Library Empower Parents is an educational community formed by families with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and professionals around the ICO Museum that, driven by hablarenarte, aims to transform museum and cultural institutions into more humanized and accessible spaces. The organization, in this case a museum linked to an […]

interview 6 Rutilio Gacís Square La Parcería was born as a collective dedicated to reflection, creation and action. It is made up of people from a migrant background and it aims to produce cultural projects that are developed around the street, the neighbourhood and public space. Like other independent associations linked to children, La Parcería also […]

interview 5 Luca de Tena Square Throughout the city of Madrid, and especially from 2015 onwards, citizens’ initiatives of different scales have emerged, linked to care, to the creation of spaces for co-creation and to the assertion of the central role of children and young people in the city. Madrid Cría is an informal network of […]

interview 4 Medialab Prado Medialab Prado is an experimental centre that functions as a meeting place for the production of open cultural projects. Its proposals aimed at children, young people and families aim to stimulate learning and creation through playful experiences, collaborative work and experimentation. Medialab Prado also uses its premises as a welcoming space for […]

interview 3 Matadero Madrid, centre of contemporary creation Intermediae is a public organisation located within the Matadero Madrid cultural complex that has been producing socially committed artistic programming for over ten years. Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas (VIC) is an independent platform that develops projects with a collaborative approach, generating networks and alliances between different communities. In […]

interview 2 Planta Alta,space of artistic residences of hablarenarte From hablarenarte, an association dedicated to contemporary creation with a special emphasis on the processes of mediation and education in the artistic field, we are interested in knowing what Madrid’s cultural institutions are doing for, by and with their youngest audience. Sofía de Juan, a collaborator of […]

interview 1 Cerro del Tio Pío, Vallecas The city of Madrid and the role of children in it have undergone intense transformations in just a few years. From an incipient recognition of the children’s community as political subjects with rights, as well as mere users, to the transformation of the city into a hostile territory and […]